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HIV/AIDS Action Ministry

With the launch of our medical missions outreach, Our ministry has been inundated with hundreds of HIV/AIDS patients, widows and orphans requesting assistance. We have noticed a very rapid increase in the number of those who need help. Surprisingly we notice the absence of ministry in this area. We spent several months praying about Gods will for our intervention. Having gotten His blessing, we launched in March 2005 our HIV/AIDS Action Ministry.

Nigeria now has the highest number of HIV/AIDS-infected adults in West Africa. Yet majority of the people hide their condition, as it is regarded a social taboo The "Next Wave of HIV/AIDS" report of the US National Intelligence Council predicts an estimated 10 million15 million people living with HIV in the country by 2010.


To reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS through advocacy, STI and HIV prevention through counseling, campaigns and seminars, public education, community mobilization outreach programs on HIV/AIDS awareness, home care services, behavioral intervention, preventing mother-to-child HIV transmission. To mitigate the impact of HIV infection, by providing care and support to people living with AIDS, treatment and care, voluntary counseling and confidential testing, referrals. To support orphans, widows/widowers and other vulnerable groups affected by the epidemic.


The specific problems we intend to alleviate or solve in this HIV/AIDS Program include:

i. Low HIV/AIDS awareness among the general population
ii. Rampant spread of the epidemic
iii. Superstitious / false beliefs about the epidemic
iv. Behavioral patterns that promote sexual transmission of HIV/AIDS.
v. Harmful practices of the witch/native doctors in trying to help infected people.
vi. Low access to anti-retroviral drugs due to poverty, distance and ignorance.
vii. Non-availability of informed care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS.
viii. The large presence of commercial sex workers who are patronized by the oil workers and natives.
ix. Increase in the number of widows & orphans due to the epidemic.
x. The continued social stigmatization and discrimination against patients.
xi. These people have not heard the gospel die and to a Christ less grave to spend eternity without God.



a. Preventive Intervention:

By Preventive Intervention we create awareness and sensitize the people on how they could protect themselves and their communities from the effects of the epidemic. The aim is to increase the knowledge of citizens on the modes of transmission of HIV and how to take steps to protect themselves. After a field test on the appropriateness of a message, we translate it into the local language and transmit via church teachings, town criers, radio and TV adverts. Community mobilization is an integral part of this. Research, documentation and dissemination of information generated to stakeholders and the general public is also done. We develop prevention programs and target same at vulnerable groups such as women and children, sex-workers, boat drivers and other marine workers.

b. Care and Support Initiative

This begins with our voluntary counseling and confidential testing services. People are encouraged by our Leaders to come for counseling if they have any doubt or fears. Once someone tests positive, we begin the provision of home-based care from the church and the immediate family. The challenge here has always been stigma and discrimination. We have established a number of ˇ§Support Groupsˇ¨ of People living with HIV/AIDS, so that they can encourage and help one another. In cases where the patient dies, the church has been there for the widow/widower and the orphaned children providing adult presence and care and undertaking the education of some. We currently use the extended family for support. Access to Anti-retroviral drugs is one of our current challenges. The costs of the tests as well as the distant places where they are available are a problem. We also undertake special counseling training to assist the local village health-workers for effectiveness in handling HIV/AIDS cases.


1 Increased awareness and sensitization among the general population about HIV/AIDS.
2 Change in the attitude of the people both to the disease, the infected and his immediate family as a means of control.
3 Availability of cost-effective care and support for those infected, including anti-retroviral drugs.
4 The empowerment of people infected and affected by HIV/AIDS to cope with their circumstances.
5 A reduction in the infection rate
6 A stop in harmful and unprofitable tradition approaches to the epidemic.
7 Stoppage of avoidable deaths or drop in this number.
8 Increase in the social well being of the people.


The HIV/AIDS scourge is such that there is ample need for cooperation among all that are concerned. To this end, we are a member organization of HIV/AIDS NGOs COALITION (HANCO) which is the private sector collaborating partner with the Delta State Government Action Committee on HIV/AIDS.(SACA)


We invite you to partner with us in this all-important ministry. Pray about where the Lord will have you partner with reach and us us today either by email, telephone or by posts.

For donations, please visit our DONATE page. Our contact information are as follows:

Telephone 234-(0) 53-256640, 234-8055-062133

By post
P.O. BOX 1963


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