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Health Care as a door to ministry opportunities among unreached people groups.



AmbulanceResearch has shown that many unreached people groups, who reject the gospel upon its presentation, are open to receive medical care, which they lack. It has also been proven that, while receiving the medical care, they become tolerant of the gospel being preached to them.

And as the Spirit of God works upon their hearts, conversions have been recorded and churches planted. Thus to Fresh Anointing Missionary Ministries, health care is a door to ministry opportunities among people groups. This has given birth to Fresh Anointing Medical Missions (FAMM), in November 2003 as a medical missionary arm of this ministry

FAMMs mission field spreads across all unreached peoples group. That is all those who have not had the opportunity to hear the saving gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, the present operational area of FAMM is among the riverine Communities in the Niger-Delta area of Southern Nigeria (which is the third largest Delta world). The first medical missionary outreach was done in November 2003 among the Mein dialect of the Ijaw people in Burutu Local Government area of Delta State with outstanding results.



Surgery(a) The specific problems FAMM intends to alleviate or solve include:

  • i. Non-availability of any government hospital on the mission field.
  • ii. No functional recognized private clinic with a resident doctor in the entire area
  • iii. Consequently the people depend entirely on the witch doctor (native doctor or herbalist) and traditional birth attendants for primary health care and medical services.
  • iv. The practice of the witch doctors are not only unscientific and immeasurable but, also crude, hazardous and knows no divide between idol worship and medical care
  • v. It is only when these fail, that efforts are made to get proper medical care in the nearest town. Many avoidable deaths have occurred in the processes.
  • vi. For proper medical services, the people have to travel to the nearest town or city, which in all cases is over on hundred kilometers away by road and river. Moreover no modern road network exists, running through the area.
  • vii. Pipe bone water does not exist, and the water in the ponds and river are salty and dirty.
  • viii. There is no electricity either. And Schools are very few in the riverine areas.
  • ix. These people having not heard the gospel die and go to a Christless grave to spend eternity without God.


(b) The absence of modern medical services among these people groups affect them adversely:

  • i. Women and children (age 0-5) are the most vulnerable group to health hazards
  • ii. Childbirth normally takes place in the village with no recourse in the case of an emergency. Thus every woman dreads the birth of her next child because she is aware of the dangers.
  • iii. The percentage of women who die in labor in this area could be among the highest in the world.
  • iv. Infant mortality rate here could also be among the highest in the world.
  • v. Malaria, the most common disease here is a killer as traditional methods of treating it, are grossly ineffective. Other common diseases here include Measles, Convulsion, Tuberculosis, Leprosy, diarrhea, dysentery
  • vi. Accidents occurring here have to do with the terrain and the occupation of the people. Thus drowning, falls from trees, machete cut, etc are hardly treated properly.
  • vii. No system of waste disposal-management exists. And as such the people suffer from pollution (water and air).
  • viii. Their only source of water supply is the river, which also serves waste disposal.




  • i. Preventive Medicine- promotion of good health life and empowering of the people to make right choices for healthy living. An important example here is the provision of Rain Harvesting Water Tanks for communities in the Niger-Delta.
  • ii. Curative Medicine- this involves the setting up of a hospital for the treatment of sick people. The building of the Out-Patient Clinic section of the Hospital has been completed near the CHURCH OF THE ANOINTING in Warri. A mobile boat unit to cover groups of villages is also in operation. Each village is assigned a visitation date. Consultation and basic drugs are provided free for these poor and needy people. Follow up on these is been done by local trained Health Care Workers. We were blessed to be able to bring succor in partnership with a UK based Charity to Emade a young girl born with a foot deformity. Surgery was performed in the UK and is an excellent testimony for the Gospel.



  • iii. Promotive Medicine- this is population focused, to influence public health.




  • Improved health of the people group and increase in their social well being
  • Improved health care delivery system in the area covered
  • The presence of medicine kit/first aid box in every village covered as well as a trained village health worker
  • The establishment of a mother hospital to which all the mobile clinic and village health workers report.
  • Introduction of practices in consonance with hygiene and improved environmental sanitation in areas covered.
  • A stop in harmful, unprofitable traditional health care practices.
  • Stoppage of avoidable deaths or drop in this number
  • Increase in the social well being of the people
  • Souls saved into Gods kingdom and Churches planted among these people.


We invite you to partner with us in this all-important but very expensive mission. Are you a Medical Personnel with a heart for missions? We need you on the field for the Lord. Do you have access to medical equipment and drugs? Why not donate some today to mission work! The building of the hospital base here in Warri is in progress. You can be a part. The need for the Mobile Clinic Van and Boat is also there. Pray about where the Lord will have you partner with us and reach us today either by email, telephone or by posts.

For donations, please visit our DONATE page. Our contact information are as follows:
Telephone 234-53-256640, 234-8055-062133
By post
P.O. BOX 1963


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