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I staggered into the church's crossover service on New Year eve drunk. The Ushers had a tough time keeping me in check, but they did not send me out. I only go to church twice every year. Christmas day and New Year eve. I was not just a sinner, but I was rotten. I do not know why I came back to the church the next Sunday morning. That Sunday morning, as the word of God was been preached, suddenly something caught my attention. For the first time in my life, I heard the gospel message clearly; how that Christ died for me. When the altar call was made, I went out to receive Christ, not thinking about my been an alcoholic. I left the altar feeling clean and new. My life has never been the same again! God saved me and changed me. Praise the Lord! Brother Tony Edosa

I testify to the goodness of God upon my life. After 13 years of marriage God has blessed me with a baby! I have gone round everywhere imaginable looking for a child. It was this problem that brought me to this ministry. Rather than focusing on my problem, I was led to Christ by the man of God, who encouraged me that the Lord is faithful and will answer my prayers. Today I have seen the power of God. Please join me to give glory to God. Brother Chris Nwanpku

Praise the Lord! I am the mother of the girl that was rushed to the altar during the KOKORI CRUSADE. We never wanted to attend the crusade. We were at home doing our own thing when I heard screams that my daughter was dying. Since most people in the community were at the crusade and we have no Hospital or Medical Doctor, We had to rush her to the crusade ground where the Ushers took her to the platform. The Ministers there prayed for her and left her on the platform. I was crying and shouting and people had to take me out of the place. Next thing I saw was my daughter walking towards me. God is great! I will serve him forever. This is my daughter that was dying.
Glory be to God! Mrs. Alice Tobore

I listened to MOMENT OF THE ANOINTING by chance. I went to buy chewing gum when the program was on. The owner of the shop had his radio on. I was captivated by the compassion in the voice of the Preacher. I stayed to listen to the very end. There and then I repented of my sins and gave my life to Christ. When I got home and told my parents what I had done, they were very angry with me. They had gathered money to send me to Italy for prostitution so as to earn foreign currency for our family. I was sent packing from the home. I wrote the Pastor, whose address I had taken and he wrote back to encourage me linking me with Believers in my area. I went through a terrible time. But my God has seen me through.
Sister Ede

I came to worship at the CHURCH OF THE ANOINTING through the radio program and because of the problems I was going through in life. My educational pursuit was at a stand still. I was also sick and the Doctors could not help me. Whenever I came to church I would request the man of God to pray for me. Today I stand to testify that I have gained admission into the Polytenic at Auchi and that I am completely healed.
Brother Joshua Olomu

Since I started worshiping here I have seen the hand of God upon my life. Things have been getting better and better in every aspect. Truly the Lord is good and He is here.
Brother Godswill Ndah


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